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A Time to Sell: Your April Real Estate Market Update for the DC Metro Area

More inventory is coming on to the market, providing a welcome relief for buyers, though competition is still high. Here's your DC Metro Area real estate market update for April.

A Tale of Rising Prices Amidst Growing Inventory

The median home price in the Washington, D.C. metro area has soared to near-record highs, reaching $599,990—an astonishing 10.1% increase from last year. This marks the fastest pace of home price growth since February 2022. This price hike comes even as inventory swells, with active listings at the end of March up by 4.0% compared to last year.

A Closer Look at Regional Differences

While the overall picture shows more homes on the market, not all areas are experiencing this trend. If you’re house hunting in Alexandria City, Arlington County, or Fairfax County, VA, you might find your choices surprisingly limited:

  • Alexandria City: Tight inventory continues to challenge buyers.

  • Arlington County: High demand keeps the market competitive.

  • Fairfax County: Slightly better inventory, but still under pressure.

New Listings vs. Pending Sales: A Balancing Act

The dynamics of new listings and pending sales tell an interesting story. March saw a decline of 11.4% in new listings year-over-year across the metro area. However, new pending sales didn’t fall off as sharply, which slightly alleviated the growing inventory pressure. This is a classic tale of supply trying to catch up with demand but not quite making it.

Insights from Industry Experts

Dr. Lisa Sturtevant, Chief Economist at Bright MLS, sheds light on the current situation: “We are beginning to see more sellers coming into the market, despite rates still in the high 6’s. While many homeowners are still holding onto their very low mortgage rates, there are others who are deciding that they need to move.” This influx of new listings, which also outpaced new pending sales in March, contributed to the growing month-end inventory. The seasonal uptick from February to March further confirms a typical pattern as we head into the spring market.

Market Trends: Quick Sales and Future Challenges

Despite the uptick in listings, homes continue to fly off the market. In fact, half of all homes sold in March were listed for a week or less! This fast-paced market underscores the competitive nature of real estate in the D.C. metro area.

Spring Outlook: More Hurdles for Buyers

Looking forward, spring promises to be a challenging season for potential buyers. The slow trickle of new listings and persistently higher mortgage rates are creating a tough environment. Although certain counties are seeing inventory gains, these increases are modest at best.

Strategic Insights for Buyers and Homeowners

  1. Be Prepared for Competition: With homes selling so quickly, having your financing in order and being ready to make a swift decision will be key.

  2. Watch the Rates: Buyers hoping for lower mortgage rates might face even fiercer competition if rates drop later in the year, luring more into the market.

  3. Explore Different Neighborhoods: Consider looking in different areas where the increase in inventory might offer more opportunities.


The Washington, D.C. real estate market remains a hotbed of activity, characterized by quick sales and rising prices despite an increase in inventory. Buyers need to stay alert and be ready to act quickly in this dynamic environment. 

If you have any questions or are considering buying or selling a home in the D.C. metro area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Give me a call today to talk more about data in your specific area, and to create a strategic plan that meets your needs.

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