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5 of My Favorite Housewarming Gifts

Your friends invite you over to check out their new home. You know you need to take something, but what?

A friend recently reached out to me to ask for suggestions for a housewarming gift. As a Realtor, I've become a bit of an expert in this domain! Every time I hand the keys to a client, I present them with a gift to celebrate their home purchase and thank them for trusting me to guide them through the buying process.

I spend quite a bit of time thinking what gift to give each specific client, as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to gifting. I do have some go-tos, though, that are proven winners and make folks feel celebrated and appreciated, which is the goal after all.

Here are my 5 go-to housewarming gifts:

1). Williams Sonoma Marble and Brass Monogram Board ($49.95 at

I love a personalized item. The brass letter brings instant style and shows this gift is just for them. They can use it as a cutting board, or a cheese board when entertaining.

Who it's perfect for: People who like to entertain. People who like to cook. People like me who love anything that's personalized.

Who it's not great for: Anyone who doesn't know their way around the kitchen. Anyone who's style is more boho than modern. Couples that have different last names that don't start with the same initial.

2.) Nest Thermostat ($249.00 at

This was a recommendation from my husband when I was searching for a gift for a young, single, tech-loving client and was truly stuck. It's sleek and modern, and once you have one, it's hard to imagine how you managed before you could control the temperature from your phone.

Who it's perfect for: People who are tech-saavy. People like my husband who love the newest gadget.

Who it's not great for: Folks like my parents who would be on the phone with me immediately asking for tech support.

3.) Williams Sonoma Blue and White Herb Starter Set ($78.95 at

What first sold me on this porcelain herb tray was the beautiful blue and white Ming-style design. It's a functional gift that also adds beauty to a new home. I recently gave it to a client who bought a condo, so didn't have a ton of interior space, or a yard for a garden.

Who it's perfect for: A culinary friend. Someone who doesn't have much space or likes minimalism. Plant lovers.

Who it's not great for: The person who really can't keep anything alive.

4.) A bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut ($74.97 at

Champagne is the classic celebratory gift, but be sure to get a bottle that's nice enough to wow the recipient!

Who it's perfect for: Those who love to raise a glass. Friends you want to make a toast to.

Who it's not great for: Non-drinkers, or anyone you're not sure about. Serious winos who have very particular tastes and high budgets when it comes to wine. For these folks, give the personalized cheese board and a wine coaster or wine glasses, and let them know you'll leave the wine pairing up to them as the experts!

5.) A Home Depot gift card

I get that this can seem like an impersonal gift. But for some people, it's the best gift you can give. Everyone can find something they like or need at Home Depot (or Lowe's, etc), whether it's patio furniture, plants, a rug, or tools. This can feel more personal if you know they have a specific project in mind for their new home that you can mention. "Hope you can use this toward the deck project you told me about. Can't wait to see it when it's done!"

Who it's perfect for: The hard-to-shop-for friend or family member. Or just about anyone.

Who it's not perfect for: Someone you know really really well who might think it's impersonal.

And last, but most importantly, don't forget a nice card or note to go along with your well-chosen gift! Your kind words, even just a few lines, makes your gift more meaningful. Let the recipient know you're excited for them, proud of them, or whatever feels genuine and authentic to convey in your own handwriting. Sometimes what you have to say is the best gift of all!

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